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Tilt-Shift Images

Tilt-shift photography is a special way of selectively focusing and defocusing parts of an image by manually tilting and shifting the position of a camera lens relative to the image capture area. Today, the term is better known as a method of making regular photographs look like photos of miniature model villages and cities. The effect is achieved by simulating an exaggerated depth-of-field (the centre of the image is usually in focus, and anything nearer or further away is blurred) to resemble how a camera would capture a small, close-up scene at an angle.

Suitable images are those where there is plenty of background as well as the in-focus 'target' area.  Also images which have been taken from above are good as that's the way 'models' are usually viewed from.

Roll over the image below to see a 'before' and 'after' miniaturisation

New to Photoshop CS6 is a gallery of blur effects designed to imitate advanced photographic techniques without the expense of usually-specialised lenses and equipment. To try out the Tilt Shift capability on a suitable image, go to FILTER...Blur...Tilt-Shift.  The video below will take you through the basics:
To complete the 'miniature' feel, have you noticed that models often have a garish colour scheme?  To achieve this, go to IMAGE...Adjustments...Hue/Saturation and crank up the Saturisation a bit!
Miniature tennis