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Tip No. 1

Setup the Measurements palette so lines are measured by "First Point". This choice gives you the X1, Y1 coordinates along with the line's angle and length. The default of "Endpoints" gives you the X1, Y1, X2, Y2 coordinates and is not as easy to work with.

Measurements palette

Tip No. 2

For the height of all text boxes allow a minimum clearance of one x-height below the lowest descender of the font used in the text box (a font's x-height is the height of the letter "x"). There are minute differences between computer systems. If you establish a text box height that is too tight on your system, it is liable to be too small for the text to display or output on another's. The example below illustrates what can happen and just how deep your text boxes should be to avoid this.


Tip No. 3

When making text boxes with reversed type or with colored backgrounds, it is better to make separate objects for the background and text rather than make it as a single object. In the example below, the preferred method is the one on the right. See Tip No. 2 above for why. The output result of the one on the left below may be a plain red box with no type. more on this here

text boxes - colored backgrounds


Tip No. 4

When making corners from intersecting lines, be aware that measurements and snapping occur from the midpoint of the line. In the example below there is a corner made from the intersection of two 8-point wide lines. Both the horizontal and vertical lines on the left have the same x and y coordinates. In the example on the right, the horizontal line was shifted to the left 4 points (half the line thickness) to make a mitered corner. Likewise, if 1-point wide lines are used the shift would have to be .5 point to compensate.

lines - corners 1lines - corners - 2

Tip No. 5

A simple ad splash can be made from a polygon. Create the polygon, give it a 1-point black frame and a white box color. Then drag and drop it into a library and save it with other library items. In the example below, the top item shows the polygon points, and the bottom one was made by making a copy of the polygon for a shadow. The shadow was given a black box color.

ad splash