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Tip No. 6

When you have applied a paragraph style and want to remove it without changing the appearance of the text, Click Style ...Paragraph Style Sheet... No Style. This removes the style sheet link and effectively applies local formatting to the text.

  Tip No. 7

Once you have setup local text formatting on a block of text and you need to use it repeatedly in your document but you don't want to create a style sheet, you can save a lot of time simply by copying only one or two characters and pasting them at the location where you want to repeat the style. This will save the repetitious mouse clicks required to set it up each time.

  Tip No. 8

Numbered and bulleted lists often use a hanging indent. A hanging indent is where the text is indented to the right of the bullet or number. To make a bulleted list style like the example below, do one of the following.

In both examples The base style is 14 point AGaramond with 14 points of leading and a space after of 3 points. The Zapf Dingbat bullet is a 10 point character created from a keypress using the lowercase "u" (both Macintosh or Windows). There is one blank space of AGaramond after the bullet character and before the main body of text.

Fastest Way:
In the text, paste a bullet character (e.g. using the Zapf Dingbats font) in front of the each item in the list:

Position the insertion point where you want the text to wrap and click Cmd+Backslash (Macintosh®) or Ctrl+Backslash (Windows®):

Alternate Way:
Select the paragraph and click Style > Formats... In the dialog enter a positive number for a "Left Indent" amount and the same number as a negative number for a "First Line" amount. Then paste a Zapf Dingbat character for a bullet in front of the first line. Save the formatting as a style sheet and apply it to the remaining paragraphs without the bullets. Paste the bullets after applying the style sheet. In this case I used 12 points for a "Left Indent" and -12 points for the "First Line".

hanging indents - bullets

Paragraph Attributes

Tip No. 9

When making paragraph styles to separate paragraphs use either "Space Before" or "Space After" but not both...otherwise you may wind up with a confusing mess. I prefer "Space After" because most of my text is top aligned (Ascent) and all my text boxes have extra space at the bottom.

  Tip No. 10

Set your leading to the same number of points as the point size of the font you use. Example, with a 14 point font, set the leading to 14 points. Quark's "auto" leading is a bit too loose for my taste.