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Embedding a Clipping Path

Prior to version 4.0 the only way a clipping path could be used is if the image was saved as an EPS file with a clipping path. In version 4.x there are a couple of new things regarding clipping paths. First, Quark™ recognizes embedded clipping paths in formats other than EPS. Second, Quark can create a clipping path whether or not one is embedded within the image.

1. It can be a surprise when placing a TIFF image into a of document and part of it doesn't show. In the screen shot below you see an image like the upper one, but it was supposed to be showing like the lower one. Clearly, something was amiss. A TIFF image could have an embedded path! If there was, Quark would recognize it when the image is imported into a picture box.


quarkxpress clipping path 1
quarkxpress clipping paths 2 2. To use or clear an embedded path select the picture box and click ITEM...Clipping (or ITEM...Modify, then click the "Clipping" tab). In the example to the left, the clipping path is visible as a green outline around the image. To clear it, click the "Type" pull down. You will see "Embedded Path" if there is one. The name of the clipping path is accessed by the "Path" pulldown. Here you can see the name of the path is "Path 1". There can be more than one path embedded and each has its own name.

3. Change the Type from "Embedded Path" to "Item", and the clipping path will clear.

4. If you need a clipping path where there is none, Quark can create one for you. This is especially handy for images with white backgrounds. Click ITEM...Clipping to bring up the "Modify" dialog (see below). Then in the "Type" pulldown, choose "Non-White Areas".

Note: Quark can also create a clipping path from an alpha channel. Many times images with knocked out backgrounds will have a selection mask saved as an alpha channel.

quarkxpress clipping paths 3
quarkxpress clipping paths 4 5. In the example below left, the threshold tolerance was set to zero, the smoothness set to .5 pt and then the "Rescan" button was clicked to regenerate the path.

quarkxpress clipping paths 5

6. The resulting clipping path (below) is quite good and will work in a pinch.

Also note that, depending on the image, the "Outside Edges Only" box may have to be unchecked. For example, a coffee cup, where the void inside the handle needs to allow the background to show through would need this box unchecking.

OK, QuarkXpress has had a go, but to get really professional results, we need to add Photoshop to the equation.

quarkxpress clipping path 6