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Photoshop - Rust Texture - 2

12. Still working on the Layer Mask (see image to the right), go to IMAGE...Adjustments...Brightness/Contrast and play with the sliders.

Rust - Brightness/Contrast

13. Now we don't need the Layer Mask any more. Making sure the image of your layers palette is as to the top-right (i.e. the Layer Mask icon showing), go to LAYER...Remove Layer Mask...Apply.

14. Making sure you're still on the "Clouds" Layer, Go to:-
FILTER...Texture...Texturizer and use these settings:

Texture - Sandstone
Scaling - 100%
Relief - 10
Light Direction - Top left

The image to the right is what you should get.
At this juncture, I could end this tutorial. Using the clouds Filter gives so much versatility. Regardless of whether you've used the Clouds Filter on previous layers, you'll always get a different effect if you repeat it independently on another layer further up the stack.

Rust - texturizer
15. Duplicate the Clouds Layer by dragging it to the "Copy Layer" icon at the bottom of the Layers palette copy layer and set the layer mode to Overlay with an Opacity 70%.
Go to IMAGE...Adjustments... Hue/Saturation
Make sure the "Colorize" box is checked.
Saturation 51
Lightness 0

See? Subtle differences ...not a bad effect, but there's still lots we can do with this.Try the next one, and remember, we're working from after applying the Texture Filter....ok, all yours.

Rust - Hue/Saturation
16. Duplicate the "Clouds" layer and set to the layer blending mode to Dissolve. Make a new layer mask on the Dissolve LayerAdd layer mask . On the Layer Mask, go FILTER...Render...Clouds, stay working on the mask and go to IMAGE...Adjustments... Brightness/Contrast
Values are Brightness -20 Contrast +70

Remove the layer mask as in step 13. Duplicate the Dissolve layer and set it to Overlay. On the overlay layer, go to IMAGE...Adjustments... Hue/Saturation
Make sure the "Colorize" box is Checked.
Hue 14
Saturation 70
Lightness -30

At any stage, if you don't like what you're getting go back in your History palette and undo it. It's not an exact science, just play!

Rust - tweaked!

Well, that just about wraps this up. As you can see, there are many variables to making Rust. It degrades into many different forms and colors, depending upon the environment. Like all things mother nature has a hand in, you'll never see the same thing twice. I've had fun writing this, I hope you've enjoyed reading and trying it out.

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Finished rust