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Photoshop - Wooden Fence (click here to see the result)

1. Create a new file 500 x 500 px. Create a new layer and fill it with R:106, G:81, B:50.

2. Copy the layer you've just filled and go to FILTER...Noise...Add Noise with "Monochromatic" unchecked and an amount of 150%.

3. Then go to FILTER...Blur...Motion Blur of 90° and an amount of 50 px.

4. Next, IMAGE...Adjustments...Brightness/Contrast with settings of -12 and +44 respectively. Now set the Layer Mode to Overlay.

You'll probably have ugly edges at the top and bottom? Flatten the image (LAYER...Flatten Image) and drag out a rectangular marquee which just omits these areas at the top and bottom. Then go to IMAGE...Crop. Deselect.

5a. Go to the Channels Palette, create a new channel (Alpha 1) and go to FILTER...Render...Clouds. Click on the "Load Channel as Selection" button

load channel as selection

5b. Return to the Layers palette, create a new layer and fill with R:125, G:84, B:25. Set the layer mode to Color Dodge. Deselect.

6. Repeat steps 5a and 5b but this time fill your new layer with R:63, G 47, B:28 and make the layer mode Multiply. Deselect.

7. Create a new layer and fill it with the existing foreground color (a dark brown) and go to FILTER...Noise...Add Noise. This filter should still be set at 150% and with "monochromatic" unchecked from step 2, so just say OK to this box.
Set the Opacity of this layer to 30% and the layer mode to Overlay. This will "roughen up" the texture of the wood.

The joints in the fence

8. Create a new layer. Press D on the keyboard to return the Foreground/Background Colors to Black/White. Now select the Single Column Marquee Tool single column marquee tool (it's within the other marquee tools) and click anywhere on your canvas.

This next step is important, so take your time as we'll be needing the result several times more.

By clicking this tool anywhere on the canvas, you've created a marquee that goes from the top of the canvas to the bottom, but is only one pixel wide. Press Alt + Backspace. You've now filled this very thin marquee with black.

  • Press the Right Arrow on your keyboard once. You've "left behind" this thin black line, but nudged the marquee over by one pixel. Again, press Alt + Backspace. You now have a 2-pixel wide line on your canvas.
  • Now press X on your keyboard to swap the Foreground/Background Colors. The Foreground Color should now be white.

  • Press the Right Arrow on your keyboard once. Press Alt + Backspace to fill this selection with white.

  • Press the Right Arrow on your keyboard once. Press Alt + Backspace to fill this selection with white.

Set the layer mode to Overlay.

Now we have a layer with one joint on it and we can copy it as many times as we want. Select the Move Tool and, with Alt pressed down, "pick up" and drag a copy of this layer further along the canvas. Repeat this until you have the desired number of "joints". (keep an eye on the top and bottom of the image to make sure you're level with the edge of the canvas. every time you perform this action, you will automatically create a new layer, each with just one "joint" on it.

Finally, select the odd layer and go to FILTER...Distort...Twirl with an amount of 8. This will give the illusion that the planks are slightly warped! The end result is below. By why stop there?

1, 2>>

finished wooden fence