Photoshop - Sparking Wires

Here's where it gets serious! Using the previous two tutorials, we are now going to use ImageReady to make a brief animation.

1. Using the "wires" tutorials, draw a couple of differently-colored, intertwined wires (we can always get more fancy later)on a dark blue background. When you've done this, crop the image down to a size of around 175 x 175 px (use the Rectangular Marquee Tool around an "interesting" part of the image - the one to the right, which is a few steps ahead has the copper ends and some of the wire, including where they cross.)

2. Now either create, or open an existing Lightning image. In this image, again use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to crop a suitable part of the lightning and, when cropped, drag it into our wires image (if you're not sure how to do this, see the collage tutorial).

3. The aim in this next step is to make the "patch" of lightning blend in to the Wires background. Use the Dodge Tool, Burn Tool etc. It depends on your level of skill, the colors involved etc.

4. In this step, we need to tidy up our layers.

The image to the immediate-right shows what you should have - four layers (two wire layers, the cropped-down lightning layer and the background layer. Note the "chains" in two of the layers and the lightning layer highlighted? Go to LAYER...Merge Linked and you should be left with a setup like that to the far right - just two layers, the one with the two wires and the lightning (The "Actions" layer!) and the background layer.


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