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8. The Bevel and Embossing has given the ends of the wire a rounded look. Zoom in to one end, select the Polygonal Lasso Tool Polygonal Lasso Tool and draw a selection so that the end will be "squared off". With the marching ants going, press Delete. Repeat at the other end of the wire.

9. Now zoom right into one of the ends. Create a new layer and, with the Rectangular Marquee Tool Rectangular Marquee Tooldraw a shape that will be a "copper end". Switch to the Gradient Tool, make sure the "Linear" option is selected, and the "Copper" gradient and draw a gradient.

With the Move Tool, drag it nearer to it's final place and go to EDIT...Transform...Rotate, pick up a corner handle of the bounding box and spin it into place.

Now drag this new layer under the Wire layer. Duplicate the layer, drag it over to the other end of the wire, rotate it and we have two "copper ends".

10. Finally, for this stage, link the "Wire" layer with the two copper end layers and go to LAYER...Merge Linked. You should now only have two layers - the background layer and the layer with the wire and copper ends. Duplicate the wire layer by dragging it to the New Layer icon new layer. At this stage, we've renamed the layers - in this case "Red Wire" (the original wire layer) and "Blue Wire" (the one we're about to create).

11. This next bit is a bit tricky, but nothing to be afraid of. Ctrl + click on the new layer to get the marching ants going. Switch to the Zoom Tool and zoom in to one of the copper ends. We want to keep the marching ants going around the colored part of the wire, but not the copper ends.

With a big zoomed-in view of one of the ends, switch to the Polygonal Lasso Tool, and with the Alt key pressed down (to subtract from the selection) make a selection around the copper end. As you can see to the right, you don't have to be exact with your selection - just four clicks to take you back to the starting point (a tiny circle will appear next to the lasso tool), and the "ants" around the copper wire will be omitted from the selection.

Tip: Now scroll over to the other end - hold down the Spacebar and your tool becomes a "hand" which you can drag across the image - and repeat the process.

12. Now pick a different color from the Swatches palette - we chose blue - and hit Alt + Backspace to fill this second wire with color. The Bevel and Emboss effect will vanish from this second wire, so go to the Layer Stylesicon at the bottom of the layers palette and accept the default Bevel and Emboss settings. Deselect.

13. Now use the Move Tool to drag the wires near to each other and go to EDIT...Transform...Flip Vertical and EDIT...Transform...Rotate so your wires look nicely "interlocked" like the image to the right.

14. With the top wire layer selected,Ctrl + click on the wire layer underneath to get the marching ants going around the lower wire layer, zoom in and switch to the Eraser Tool - 9px, hard edged, 100% Opacity and Flow in the Options bar and carefully erase where you wish the wires to overlap, underlap each other.

Add some drop shadow to each wire layer, maybe add a third wire and that's it!





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