Photoshop - Wires

Drawing wires in Photoshop is one of those basics for adding to photo-realistic elements, interfaces etc. Here we start simple and hopefully carry on for some very impressive results.

1. Open up a new 400 x 400px document in Photoshop, fill with white and select the Pen Tool Pen Toolmaking sure the "Paths" option Paths option is chosen in the Options Bar.

2. Create a new layer and draw a horizontal line almost the width of the canvas (click and, holding Shift down, click again).

3. Around a three-quarters the way along the line, click and drag as shown to the right:
4.Around a quarter the way along the line, click and drag as shown to the right:

5. Select the Brush Tool and in the options bar, make it:

9-pixel hard-edged
Mode: Normal
Opacity: 100%
Flow: 100%

Now pick a color you want the wire to be - any old red, blue, yellow from the Swatches palette will do.

6. Re-select the Pen Tool and right-click on the line. a fly-out box will appear - select Stroke Path. From the following path, make sure "Brush" is selected and press OK.

You will see the line has been "stroked" with your chosen color.

Right-click the line again and from the fly-out dialog, select Delete Path - this will get rid of your initial pen-work but leave the stroked wire.

7. Make sure you are on the correct layer and, from the Layer Styles button, select Bevel and Emboss and just say OK to the given settings.

Not too bad? But there's lots more we can do! 1, 2, 3, 4>>

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