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Photoshop - Water droplets

An invaluable effect for any number of images, this easy-to-achieve effect will give life to any suitable image. For the finished result, click here.

1. Open up a suitable image (or right-click ours and copy it), but you can use metal, glass, anything suitable!

For once, we're not going to start a tutorial by asking you to create a new layer! Instead, as always we hope to fit in some tips you may not have known...oh ,and keep the marching ants going until we tell you to deselect...

Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool Elliptical Marquee Tooland draw a "drop" shape anywhere on your image. (In this example, try to straddle over a vein in the leaf to really see the effect).

You can always alter the size or angle of this selection by going to SELECT...Transform Selection

Right-click within the selection and choose Layer via Copy. There! Another way of creating a layer. Name the new layer that has appeared in your Layers Palette drop 1.

2. Right-click on the thumbnail of drop 1 and, from the fly-out menu choose Select Layer Transparency.

3. Now go to FILTER...Distort...Spherize and leave the settings as they are (should be 100% and Normal.) Apply this filter again by pressing Ctrl + F.

4. Not much to see yet, but we're going to add a couple of Layer Styles. Bring up the Styles dialog box by clicking on the Layer Styles icon at the bottom of the Layers palette. We're going to use Drop Shadow and Inner Shadow but, to save space we've made the image to the right a rollover.

The settings shown should work, but you may have to alter the Angle of the light according to the direction of light in your image.

water droplets - layer effects
This is roughly what you should have, but now we're going to give it some artistic touches. 1, 2>>