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Photoshop - Logo on a T Shirt (4)

As you can see from the previous step, the contrast (what we were highlighting in Step 5) blends nicely with the actual folds into the t-shirt. Now we need to bring back the color of the target layer (logo) without losing this nice blend.

To bring back the color, have the target layer (grouped layer) selected, and from the Layer Blending Mode drop-down list choose one that best does this.
We used Soft Light to give me the final result as shown below. But in fact, any one of the Soft/Hard/Vivid/Linear/Pin Light modes gives interesting results.
If desired reduced the Opacity of this layer just enough to eliminate some of the harshness in the folds.

T shirtGreen shirt

The finished result or, in the example to the right, we selected just the Shirt layer and went to IMAGE...Adjustments...Hue/Saturation and with the "Colorize" box checked, played around with the Hue and Saturation sliders.

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