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Photoshop - Logo on a T Shirt (3)

12. Again as in Step 3, hide the target layer (logo) and select the base layer (t-shirt). Now go back to the Channels Palette and Select the Blue copy channel.

shirt layer selectedBlue channel copy

13. Go to SELECT...All (Ctrl + A), and then EDIT...Copy (Ctrl + C) to copy all the contents of the Blue copy channel as a selection.

14. Go back to the Layers Palette and reselect the target (logo) layer.

15. Press Ctrl + Shift + N (or go to LAYER...New...Layer) to create a new layer and, from the dialogue box that will appear, make sure that Group with previous layer is checked. Your layers palette should look like the one on the right:

new layerlayers palette

16. Making sure this new layer is selected, go to EDIT...Paste (Ctrl + V) to paste the contents of Blue channel Copy into this new layer. Here's how it looks, so far.

T shirt so far

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