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Photoshop - Logo on a T Shirt

1. Here's a neat way to add a logo of sorts to a T-shirt that already has creases or wrinkles.

Below to the left is the starting graphic that will be the base layer of this tutorial, so right-click the image and either Copy or Save it.

T Shirt - beginningT Shirt - end

2. The next stage is to add a simple logo graphic that will be the target of the Liquify Tool effect. The challenge here is to blend the flat logo into the creases of the shirt.

T Shirt 1

3. The screen shot below is the initial stage of this tutorial. Basically, the two individual layers inside a Layer Set, with the target layer (the logo)stacked above the base layer (t-shirt). If the elements of your logo are on separate layers, don't forget to link them and merge them into one layer (LAYER...Merge Linked).

To begin this tutorial we have hidden the target layer (logo) and selected the base layer(t shirt).

T Shirt layersT Shirt 2

4. Next go to the Channels tab. Duplicate the channel that has the best contrast, in this case the Blue channel, to create the Blue copy channel..

TIP: Duplicate a channel either by right-clicking it and choosing Duplicate Channel or by dragging that 'Blue Channel' and dropping it onto the Create New Channel button on the bottom of the Channels Palette (surrounded in red).

duplicate channelduplicate channel 2

5. Next, let's draw out some more contrast from this channel by using IMAGE...Adjustments...Levels.

T Shirt 3

Basically, all we did was adjust the sliders to the center to enhance the contrast. Then hit the OK button when you're satisfied with how it looks.

Note: A similar effect can be done by using the IMAGE...Adjustments...Curves.

Do not skip this step, this channel with be used again on two other occasions in this tutorial.

6. Now, go back to the Layers Palette and reselect the target layer (logo).

Layers palette - logo

7. Next go to FILTER...Liquify:Filter-Liquify

...and use the settings shown on the screen shot, making sure that the measurements in red are correctly entered.

Liquify Tool Tips: This tool allows for a number of keyboard short cuts.
Ctrl + - (Minus Key) = Zoom In
Ctrl + + (Plus Key) = Zoom Out
Ctrl + Z = Undo
Ctrl + Alt + Z = Multiple Undo

Holding the Alt key and the Cancel command button reverts to a Reset button.
Holding the Spacebar and the Tool Cursor reverts to the Hand Tool (H) tool.

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