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Photoshop - Smoke & Mirrors - 2

<<1 OK, so that was the mirrored glass, now for the smoke!

1. Create a new document 450 x 450 px, return the Foreground/Background colors to their default black/White (just press D). Go to FILTER...Render...Clouds and with the Freehand Lasso Tool freehand lasso tool draw a selection roughly to the proportions as at the right:

2. Then go to SELECT...Feather...20px. Go to EDIT...Copy, create a new layer and EDIT...Paste it into the new layer.

3. Make the original "smoke" layer invisible by clicking on the "eye" in the layers palette, create a new layer directly underneath the layer containing the feathered smoke selection and fill it with cyan from the Swatches palette. (We won't be using this layer/color, but need it to see what we are doing in the next few steps.

smoke layers
4. Next go to IMAGE...Adjustments...Levels and make the Input Levels as those to the right: smoke levels
5. Select the Eraser Tool eraser tool and in the options Bar, choose a 100 px, soft-edged brush with an opacity of 50%. Save this brush (EDIT...Define Brush) and give it a name. Just "dab" two or three times to make the edges of the smoke irregular.
The next part is a bit difficult. Unless you are familiar with the Brush Engine. With this 100px soft-edged "brush2, we are going to tweak it. Make sure the Brush Engine is visible (WINDOW...Brushes)

To set the parameters, you must click the name of them in the left-hand pane - not just check the boxes.

Under "Shape Dynamics" make the Jitter 40%
Make sure you click the "Brush Tip Shape" box (surrounded in red, right) and under "Spacing" drag the slider to 45%
Click on "Scattering" and make it 30%
Under "Other Dynamics" make the Opacity Jitter 15%

Finally, make sure that Airbrush, Smoothing and Protect Texture are unchecked.

Click on Brush Presets in the top-left of the Brush Engine, right-click on the first brush and choose to delete it and now click the little “new brush” icon (looks just like the new layer icon) and save this new brush as “Smoke” - we have a new brush!

6. Open up the car image and create a new layer called smoke. With White as your Foreground Color and a pale gray as the background color, start using your new brush to create smoke. Definitely not an exact science - decrease the opacity, use the Eraser, just keep in mind how the smoke would appear from a pair of spinning rear wheels. It depends on your image. you may have more of a view of the rear of the car. My image started out with a forest in the background! I cut that away, but then had to decide where in the Layers palette I needed to add smoke - in front of or behind the car?
smokin' Lambo!

As a final touch, using the Elliptical Marquee Tool, a selection was made of the rear wheel and FILTER...Blur...Radial was used. You don't get a live preview of this so don't overdo it. I used 10 px but it all depends on the size of your image. Keep applying it (Ctrl + F) until you're happy. Now you're going to tell me Lamborghini's are front wheel drive...

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