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Photoshop - Smoke & Mirrors - 1

Here we create two stunning effects in Photoshop to give an image a "boy racer" feel!

Here's our original image - feel free to right-click it and drop it into Photoshop.

Let's start with giving the windows a "mirrored" effect.

original Lambo
1. Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool polygonal lasso tool (or the Pen Tool if you feel up to it) to "pick" around the glass areas, keeping Shift held down to keep previous selections. windows selected

2. Go to LAYER...New...Layer via Copy.

Make sure the Styles palette is visible (WINDOW...Styles) and select "Chiseled Sky (Text)"

Just clicking on this button will impart the style to the windows.

Styles palette

3. This particular Style is made up of Gradient Overlay and Bevel and Emboss.

For this image, the Bevel and Emboss looks out of place so, in the Layers palette pick up the effects iconicon in the correct layer and drag it to the "trash" icon at the bottom-right of the layers palette.

layers palette

Maybe lower the opacity a tiny bit and thats the windows "mirrored".

But what about the smoke? 2>>

finished lambo windows