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Photoshop Selections - Spot Healing Brush

We'll begin by creating a new blank layer above the layer with the original artwork.

Graffiti on Tarmac


Spot Heal Layer


Select the Spot Healing Brush Spot Healing Brush. It's nested with similar selection tools.
Spot Healing Brush flyout

With the tool selected, we see the usual options in the Options Bar but, new in CS5 is a 'Content Aware' button.  We'll use that and tick the 'Sample All Layers' box.
Spot Healing Brush Options

With a suitably-sized brush chosen and working on our new blank layer, we 'dab' at the graffiti. The area I paint over is temporarily filled with a translucent black so I can see where I've painted.

When I'm done, I'll release my mouse button and let Photoshop CS5 give it a shot. When using the Content-Aware option, Photoshop needs more time to analyze the image and figure out the best way to "heal" it, so expect to wait a few more seconds at least for the results:

Beginning the Heal
Not too bad and we've lost that 'pipe' in the top-right corner.  However, the 'healed' area looks a bit smudged. Tarmac
Given the texture of the tarmac, we've added a bit of Monochromatic Noise (FILTER...Noise...Add Noise)
Adding Noise