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Photoshop Selection Techniques - Quick Selection Tool

The Quick Selection Tool is found close to the top of the Toolbar, and resembles the Magic Wand somewhat.

Quick Selection Tool

Like so many other tools, the Quick Selection Tool holds roots in the Brushes. That is to say you ‘paint’ your selection. Select a larger brush size for the areas further from the edges, and as you get close to the edge of the object reduce the brush size to refine the selection and reduce the chance of grabbing background pixels.

This tool is smart too… it is much more intuitive and exact than the Magic Wand. You need not paint over the entire area to be selected, as the tool adjusts the selection as you paint to find and isolate the edges.

Quick Selection
So what happens when an area is selected that wasn’t intended? Simple. Simply reduce the size of the brush, then hold down the Option/Alt key and paint away that area!
Refine Edge

So how did that selection turn out? If it were removed from the background now, would the pixels be jagged or blurred?

We are not finished just yet! You can not only check the selection before it is applied, you can actually refine the selection before you accept it, and view what it will look like in a Quick Mask, on a white or black background, or even as a layer mask.

With the Quick Selection Tool selected, in the options bar there is a button titled ‘Refine Edge’. This opens a dialog box for the selection tool. From here you can control Radius and Contrast, as well as feather the selection, increase or decrease the selection size (by small amounts), smooth the selection edges to remove ‘the jaggies’ without blurring the edges of the selection and any number of combinations of these settings to refine the edge. You get to watch the adjustment in realtime, ensuring before you accept it that the selection is exactly what you want.


With the selection refined to your taste, you can accept the selection and then remove the image, edit it without altering other objects or the background etc.