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Photoshop - Selection Techniques 2

Selecting with a Vector Mask

Where the target object is either too similar to the background or the background is just too 'fussy'.

Here we'll use the Pen Tool Pen Tool to carefully pick around the shape. Here are more details about the Pen Tool.

Vector Masks are modified by adjusting the spline positions (Control Points) and curvature (Tangents). You can disable, delete, or save the Layer Mask with another Layer. The Convert Point tool is most suitable for altering Vector shapes and Paths. Click and drag on the handles, then Command-click on control points to move them.

Pen Tool options

Once a acceptable outline has been achieved use the Add Points tool to refine and further match the outlines. Delete points when necessary. Dragging handles with Command + Shift will lock their relative slopes. Drag directly on the Control Point to reset handles. Regular curvy shapes are best to be extracted with this process.

Silver Car Silver Car 2

As you click around the target object, a 'Work Path' will be created in your Paths palette (obviously, like Layers you can double-click on the 'Work Path' wording and rename your path.  This is useful where multiple vector paths are being created in the same image.

Ctrl + click on the thumbnail in the Work Path and the marching ants will follow the path you created.

Work Path

Silver car 2

If you clicked around the car, the marching ants will surround the car.  Here, we want to delete the background so go to SELECT...Inverse and press the Delete button and the background will be lost.