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Photoshop - Polished Aluminium Plate - 2

7. To the bottom-right of the plate, you should have left a bit more border around the plate. Draw out a perfect circle with the Elliptical Marquee Tool (hold down Shift while drawing).

Now hit Ctrl + X (cut), and then Ctrl + V (paste).

Notice how a new layer has been automatically been creatyed by the "paste" action? The only thing on this new layer is the half-circlular "disk" of metal where your marquee cut into the plate.

8. Switch to the Move tool (V) and drag this segment to roughly where it was cut out of the plate.

You will see that the semi-circle we cut out of the plate has taken on the shadow, but the bit we cut out hasn't. How can we apply exactly the same shadow attributes to this piece?

First go to EDIT...Transform...Scale.


9. Hold down the Shift key and drag the top-right handle inwards to make this half-circle slightly smaller.

When you are happy with this, hit the Return key to "lose" the bounding box. Centralise this bit of metal within the cut-out by using the Move Tool.


Layers palette

Right click on the "effects" icon Layer effectson Layer 1(the one containing the main plate) and from the fly-out menu select Copy Layer Style. Then right-click on Layer 2 (the one with the semi-circular disk) and from the fly-out menu, select Paste Layer Style.

Plate cut out


And that's it. Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool with Shift held down draw a perfect circle.

Now hit Ctrl + X (cut), and then Ctrl + V (paste). This will create a new layer. Go to the Layer Styles icon, select Bevel/Emboss, make sure the "Direction" is Up and play with the sliders.

Use the Text Tool, insert some text (this will automatically create a new layer) and under Layer Styles again go to Bevel/Emboss and this time make sure the "Direction" is Down




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Finished plate