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'Polaroid' - Style Image

This tutorial aims to create a stunning image comprising twenty-five separate 'Polaroid-style' snaps (complete with borders), add a little disarray, a choice of three perspective effects and drop shadows.

See the result!

Download the File

This is a FREE file!

Download Action (Photoshop Action)

Now let's get this new Action into Photoshop.  How?

Make sure the Actions palette (Window - Actions) is visibleBnBig picture Actions

Obviously, your Actions palette will appear differently to the one shown but look for The BnBig picture and click the 'drop down arrow' to expand the selection.

The first part of this action - The B&Big Picture - is what will 'split-up' your original image into twenty-five separate images.

Perspective 1, 2 and 3 will give you various perspectives to complete your image.  Don't worry!  You will get dialogue boxes to guide you along the way!

Let's get started

Find a suitable image - Google Images is a good place. Whichever image you choose should be landscape orientation. Also, as each individual image will have a white border, aim for an image with predominantly coloured content. The one we used is here.

Right click the image and choose 'Copy' or 'Copy Image'.

Switch to Photoshop and go to FILE...New (or Ctrl + N) and a canvas will be automatically set to the size of the original image.  Click OK and a blank canvas appears in your workspace.

Go to EDIT...Paste (or Ctrl + V) and the image is pasted onto your canvas.  One final step and the hard work is done!  Let's resize the image. Go to IMAGE...Image Size and enter 750 in the 'Width' box. (Make sure the 'Constrain Proportions' box is checked).

So, with the newly-resized image on your screen, click the drop-down arrow to expand the action and single-click The BnBig picture action to select it and press the 'Play' button (circled in red).

You will get the box below. Is your image landscape-orientated? If so, press 'Continue'.







Sit back and watch the Action do its magic! Starting in the top-left of the original image, it will create 25 different little 'Polaroids' of the original picture.  Take a look at the Layers palette and you will see new layers being created - A1, A2 etc.  (When your image is complete, you can click on individual layers (turn off the 'eye' icon to see which layer has been selected) and, for example, go to EDIT...Transform...Rotate to break up the uniformity of the image.

But not just yet! The Action has not finished! It will blow a gentle wind across your picture (honest!) and add drop shadows.

1, 2, 3 >>>