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Photoshop - Easter Eggs

'Easter Eggs' are a bit of whimsy - built into the Photoshop program but hidden, to all but the most savvy user!

Photoshop CS6

While the developers of Photoshop were working on CS6 they had code names for the different color layouts.

For example the darkest was Rye bread and White bread for the lightest.

They also had Coffee code names and they all made it to the final version

To see what they are simply go to EDIT...Preferences...Interface... then in the color theme boxes
hold Shift + Alt + Ctrl (Shift + Option + Cmd on the Mac)and click on the boxes
to change them to the code name. do the same to bring it back.

See examples below:

Standard Preferences

Bread Preferences

Cups Preferences

Photoshop CS5

Open Photoshop CS5
Once open, hold down the CTRL (or Cmd. on an Apple) key
Select HELP...About Photoshop
See the White Rabbit splash screen.

Photoshop CS5 White Rabbit

Photoshop CS4

Open Photoshop CS4
Once open, hold down the CTRL (or Cmd. on an Apple) key
Select HELP...About Photoshop
See the Stonehenge splash screen.

Photoshop CS4 Stonehenge splash screen

Photoshop CS3

Open Photoshop CS3
Once open, hold down the CTRL (or Cmd. on an Apple) key
Select HELP...About Photoshop

This will open up the Red Pill 'about' screen instead of the usual blue Photoshop about screen.

Finding the Cat:
Hidden in the pill, on the right side is the faint impression of the Photoshop cat (a long time Photoshop Easter Egg).

Finding the hidden tribute:

Take a screen shot of this About screen (Press Print Screen), and click on the About screen to close it. Now open a new document and select the EDIT...Paste menu item - a copy of the screen will appear in the document (you can now zoom in on the pill for a better look a the cat).
Whith this image active select the IMAGE...Adjustments...Equalize menu option. A face will appear on the left of the About screen in the document, under which is written "Bruce Fraser 1954-2006", along with a series of Cat paw prints to the right.
Bruce was a regular collaborator with the Photoshop team, a well known Photographer and author of the "Real World" series of Photoshop help books. He died on December 16, 2006.

Photoshop CS3 red pill

Photoshop CS2

This little fellow is Merlin T. Wizard. He is a little homage to Photoshop 2.5, which was code-named "Merlin."
Open Photoshop CS2.
Open the Layers|Channels|Paths window (at least one of them)
Press the ALT key and hold it down. (Option Key on the Mac)
Click the right-arrow options button in the top-right of the Layers window, but hold the mouse button down or the menu will disappear.
Still holding down both the ALT key and the left mouse button, move your mouse over "Palate Options...", and let go of the mouse.

Photoshop CS2 Merlin

Your Name in Credits

Open Photoshop CS and go to HELP...About
Hold ALT key until you see following row:
"Extra thanks goes to <yourname>..."

Photoshop CSPhotoshop CS scrolling text

1. Hold Ctrl and Alt and click HELP...About Photoshop
2. Above the word "PROTECTED" (in the sentence Protected by US Patents) click once. If the window closed you did it wrong try again. If nothing happens you did it right.
3. Wait for the scrolling credits to reach the bottom and start over. (Hold ALT to speed this process up)
4. Upon letting the credits start over you should see a bunch of quotes right where you previously clicked flashing before you in a white space.Photoshop CS Dark Matter

Photoshop CS - Dark Matter

Hold down Ctrl
Go to HELP...About Photoshop

You will get the screen to the right.

Photoshop 7

Open Photoshop 7
Hold down Ctrl and go to HELP...About Photoshop
You will get the 'Liquid Sky' splash screen.


Photoshop 6 - 'Venus in Furs'Photoshop Venus in Furs

Open Photoshop 6
Hold down Ctrl and go to HELP...About Photoshop
You will get the 'Liquid Sky' splash screen (also, read the script in the scrolling text)

Photoshop 5 (and 5.5) - 'Strange Cargo'

Strange Cargo was the code name for Photoshop 5 while it was in development. Big Electric Cat was the code name for Photoshop 4.

  • Hold down Ctrl and Alt on the keyboard (Command + Option on Macintosh).
  • Go to the Help menu and choose About Photoshop.
  • Wait for the credits to begin scolling.
  • Press the Alt key (Option on Mac) to speed up the credits and then click the eye while the Alt (Option) key is still pressed.
  • While you're still holding down the Alt key (Option on Mac), press and hold down the Ctrl key (Command on Mac).
  • Let up on the Alt (Option) key.
  • Look for the secret messages right above the scrolling credits. Photoshop 5 Strange Cargo
  • If you take a screen shot of the Special Cargo splash screen, open it in Photoshop, then hide all but the blue channel, you will reveal the face of Marc Pawlinger, a Senior Scientist on the engineering team.
  • The eye in the sunset is that of Senior Scientist Mark Hamburg.