Photoshop tutorial - Perspective Warp (Part 3)

Now use the top-right and bottom-right pins on this new (sunny) grid to align with the windows etc. on the underlying image. You should have something like this:




See? The left-hand pins on this new grid have snapped to the right hand pins on the original grid. Now use the top-right and bottom-right pins on this new grid to align the grid to the features on the building. If the right-side vertical plane of your second grid doesn't cover all of the of the image to the right-hand side (like above), hold down Shift and drag this vertical plane outwards - it will keep the perspective you have just set. (it doesn't matter if you drag the right-hand side of this grid 'off-canvas', it will only apply to the image.

REMEMBER: If you're not happy with the grids you've set, it's just takes seconds to click on either grid, hit 'Delete' and start again. It's all good learning!

To re-cap: Don't be too fussy when initially drawing your grids. Select any 'pin' and use the keyboard arrow keys to 'fine-tune' your grid to suit the image. Taking time with the pin-positioning of your first grid will pay off because - when you drag (and 'snap) your second grid over to it, the adjoining top- and bottom-pins will snap to the original pins.

Happy with your grids? Click the 'Warp' button (2. in the image below). The 'intermediate' lines in your grid will disappear but the pins will still be independent. Now it's time to use the pins (there should be just six left) to radically alter the perspective/elevation of your image.

Click icon 3. and this should align the vertical planes of the image (if you're not 100% happy, adjust the pins).


This is where your image can be radically altered. We've warped the image, the pins still move independently but click the 'main' vertical plane with shift held down and your grid-line will turn yellow. Now your vertical plane (and the two pins at either end) act in harmony (although the other four can be used for final adjustments).

In this way, both the perspective and elevation of your image can be adjusted.

It does get easier! Keep referring back to the video.

Now we're getting near to the end, it's worth another look at the Perspective Warp toolbar and how you can 'refine' your finished image:


1. Click 'Layout' to allow you to 'draw' grids on your image. As you progress your work but aren't happy, pressing 'Layout' again will take you back to the grids you first drew and adjusted, making further adjustments possible.
2. When you're happy with your grids, click 'Warp'.
3. This will automatically align the vertical planes in your image (you can still use the pins to adjust more).
4. This will automatically align the horizontal planes in your image (you can still use the pins to adjust more).
5. This adjusts both planes.
6. If you don't like what you've done, this will revert back
7. This deletes all your 'perspective' work.
8. Click this 'tick mark' to accept all your work.

Try pressing icon 4. which will radically alter the horizontal planes of your image. No? Press icon 6. to go back.



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