Photoshop tutorial - Perspective Warp (Part 2)

Now we'll pick up any of the sides of the grid but, this time, we'll be holding down the Shift key as we drag. This will alter the perspective of the entire grid:


A couple of other things. Select any of the corner 'pins' by clicking on it (a 'pin' cursor will appear and you'll know it's selected as it'll have a black 'dot' in the middle of the pin). Now use you keyboard arrow keys to apply very small, accurate adjustments to your pin. (Very useful when you're 'fine-tuning' your grid to the vertical planes in your image).

Finally, if you're not happy with your work, click anywhere within the grid and hit the 'Delete' key to get rid of it.



Now select the top-right pin and, using your keyboard arrow keys, align your grid exactly to the main - i.e. nearest vertical plane on your image. You may need to do this with the bottom-right pin as well.

Do we need to do this? Well, not really but it could save time later.

Now pick up your top-left pin and align it with the perspective of your image - here we've used the third-floor windows.

Now do similar with the bottom-left pin and align the grid to the facade of the shop - just below the sills of the first-floor windows.

When you're happy that you've got an accurate grid of the 'shady' side of the building, now the fun begins!

Drag another grid on the 'sunny' side of the building. Don't try to 'join' it with your other grid - draw it so there's a space between to two grids. Now pick up the left-hand side of this new grid and drag it leftwards over to the original grid. (no need to hold any keys down). As your second grid approaches the first grid, the vertical planes will turn blue. Release your mouse and the two grids will 'snap' together and the top-left and bottom-left 'pins' on your new grid will 'snap' to the top-right and bottom-right of your original (shadow) grid.


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