Photoshop tutorial - Perspective Warp

Photoshop CC (14.0) was launched on 18 June 2013 and was the next major version after CS6. Since the initial launch, Adobe has released two additional feature-bearing updates. The first, version 14.1, was launched on 9 September 2013. Version 14.2 was released on 15 January 2014. Major features included Perspective Warp.

Here, we'll run through what effects you can achieve with this feature. The full explanatory video is here.

First, fire up Photoshop (14.0 or later) and go to FILE...Open. The image we'll be using is here: Roll over the image below to see a 'before and after' of the effects Perspective Warp can have.




With the image open in Photoshop, start by duplicating the layer (Ctrl. + J). Now go to EDIT...Perspective Warp. Once, you've done this, notice how you have a new 'toolbar' in the top-left of your program:

Using this Perspective Warp tool becomes very intuitive but, as most images you apply this to will keep the vertical planes vertical (whereas the horizontal planes will be adjusted to follow a 'vanishing point').

Now we're ready to start building 'grids'. With Perspective Warp still chosen (can you still see your new 'toolbar?'), click anywhere on your image:

A grey 'grid' will appear as above. Move your cursor somewhere with this grid and drag - the entire grid will move. Notice the four circles' at each corner of the grid? These are called 'pins'. 'pick up' any pin and drag and see how the grid changes perspective.

Here we have picked up the top-right 'pin' and dragged it upward and outward:


By using your cursor, 'pick up' any of the sides of your grid. This will 'stretch' your grid:



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