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Photoshop Panoramas Part 2 - Zoomify

Still in Photoshop, go to FILE...Export...Zoomify This dialogue box will appear:

Zoomify Export dialog

The first option (Template) has a drop-down arrow where you can choose the background colour of the web page that will be generated (although we'll show you how to change this in Dreamweaver) and also if you want a Navigator pane (very similar to the Navigator window in Photoshop, where you get an orange bounding box which can be dragged around the image).

The second option - Output Location - lets us decide were the files will be outputted to. (We recommend creating a new folder on your 'Desktop'* as Zoomify will generate a folder for the tiled image and a separate one for an HTML web page.  Keeping them together on the Desktop older will make them easier to locate for when we transfer them to a web site).

Next - Base Name.  Choose a relevant, easy-to-remember name. We've used 'xyz'.

Image Tile Options lets us decide the Quality of the final image.  Just as when we select a .jpg image, the 'slider' is a trade-off between image quality.  In Zoomify, it's a trade-off between quality and number of tiles generated.  As we've used a 14 megapixel camera, we've set the quality at the highest level.

Finally, Browser Options let's us set a size for the Flash movie that Zoomify will generate for display on a web page.  Having set these option, press OK.  After a short period of time, your image will be previewed in a web browser.

More on Zoomify. The version of Zoomify bundled with Photoshop CS3 onwards is the 'Express' version.  Zoomify-created images show in any web browser.  For a small fee ($29 at the time of writing), you can upgrade to Zoomify Designer.  This gives you many more options, including images that can be shown full-screen or resizeable to the viewers' screen, as well as the ability to change 'skins' in the player etc.

For a User Guide to Zoomify, here's the .pdf manual.

Also well worth a look for your scrollable/zoomable images - Magic Touch.

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