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Photoshop Neon Text - 2

7. Now we're just finishing off. In the image to the right, we Ctrl + clicked the text layer (not the one we've just blurred) to get the 'ants' going, went to SELECT...Modify..Contract...1px and filled this extremely thin selection with white.

Whatever you've done, merge all the text layers and use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to marquee around the "OPEN" word. EDIT...Copy, EDIT...Paste and this will create a new layer with just this word on it. Go to IMAGE...Adjustments...Hue and Saturation, check the Colorize box and change the color of this word by using the Hue and Saturation sliders.

neon OPEN on

8. Return to the layer with the pink neon type (if you've got more than one, i.e. and original and one with a blur, you can merge them), turn off the visibility of the "Blue" layer in Step 7, drag a rectangular marquee around the word "OPEN" again and go to IMAGE...Adjustments...Brightness/Contrast and drag the Brightness right down and decease the contrast.

Why? well, when we animate the image and "OPEN" is turned off, we need to see something on the wall - you'll see!

Neon - Open off

The rest is just detail. Add wires/brackets etc if you must. Now we're going to jump into ImageReady for some animation. The only layer you need to turn on and off is the one with the word OPEN on it to give the illusion of a flashing part of the sign. Depending on your level of expertise, you could have created one or two individual characters on their own layers to make it look like separate characters are blinking. Maybe use the Burn Tool set to Midtones where the tube has been strongly bent?

If you're not too sure about ImageReady, try this part of another tutorial to get you going! This one's simple, just two frames - one with OPEN on and one with it off with a timing of 1 second each on a loop..


finished neon
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