Photoshop & Animation- Moving Clouds - see the result

Here's a detailed step by step on how to simulate animating clouds using both Photoshop and ImageReady. We will explore various techniques including setting up Actions.

1. Firstly in Photoshop, start a new document 390 x 180px. (Knowing that ImageReady animations can be quite large in file size, I kept this tutorial to a minimum. Although, exporting to Quicktime movie can also be effective, if you choose to work with a larger document size.)

2. Now follow the instructions for advanced clouds, but keeping the document size as given above (390 x 180 px).

3. Link the layers and go to LAYER...Merge Linked so that you only have one layer. This is important.

3. Once you have completed the tutorial, go to EDIT...Transform...Scale and enter these figures in the Options bar:

scale options

...and hit the Enter key to "lose" the bounding angles.

The reason for this will become apparent later, but basically we will be "nudging" the frames in ImageReady and this increase in scale will mean that the image will not "fall off" the layers. This should be the image at the moment:

scudding clouds

4. Now we are ready to animate.  WINDOW...Animate.


animated clouds


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