Photoshop - Mercedes Benz logo (click here to see the result)

1. Open a new document (FILE...New) 500 x 500 pixels.

2. Create a new layer.

3. Make sure the rulers are visible (Ctrl + R), double click on either
ruler and, in Units & Measurements, make sure you've got

4. Drag out a vertical guide at 250 px and two horizontal guides
at 250 px and 320px.

5. Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool elliptical marqueeand with "Fixed Size"
selected in the Options bar, draw out a circle 325 px x 325 px
and centre it on your canvas by dragging it..

6. Make sure black is your Foreground Color and go to
EDIT...Stroke...20 px...Center. Deselect.

7. Create a new layer and select the
Polygonal Lasso Tool polygonal lasso tool

merc logo 1

8. Now for the difficult bit! The Polygonal Lasso is a great tool. Here, it's just seven clicks. Start at the top point - midway into the thickness of the outer ring and try to replicate what is shown above (that's why we put the horizontal guide at 320 px.)
If you make a wrong click, just press the Backspace key to eliminate it. Don't be afraid to delete the lot (Ctrl + D) and start again.
When your happy with the result, press Alt + backspace to fill the "star" with your Foreground Color (black). Deselect.

9. Now we need to link some layers. In the Layers palette, select either the "Star" layer or the "ring" layer and click to put a "Chain" icon in the window of the other layer (see right).

Now click on the arrow in the top-right of the Layers palette
(circled in red to the right) and scroll down to Merge Linked.
You should now have only two layers, the background layer
and the one with the logo on it.

10. And that's about it. All we need to do is add four Layer Styles. Click on the layer styles iconicon at the bottom of the Layers palette and scroll down to Drop Shadow. Enter the settings shown below (noting in particular the ones surrounded by a red box).

11. The image to the right is a rollover which shows both the Drop Shadow and Inner Shadow.
Move your cursor over the image to access both.

Particularly note the Contour in the Inner Shadow - this is Cove Shallow (accessed via the drop-down arrow). .

drop shadow/inner shadow

12. Now add the final two layer styles - Bevel and Emboss and Color Overlay.
Again the image to the right is a rollover which will show you both styles.

Things to note are that the Bevel and Emboss Direction is Up and the Gloss Contour is "Gaussian". In the Color Overlay, the color is white (double-click on the swatch to bring up the Color Picker.)

Bevel & Emboss/Color Overlay

The finished item (back to top)

Finished Merc logo

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