Photoshop - Match Color

Here's an interesting effect that can be used to totally transform an image.  Below is a 'before' version of the image. With just a few moves, we can make the original into a 'sunset' picture:

Couple on Beach

Firstly, use a suitable image (or right-click on the first 'Couple on a Beach' image, copy the image and paste it into Photoshop)

Then find another suitable image.  We've used 'Sunset':





Make sure both images are open in Photoshop (You'll see the 'tabs' at the top of your work area).

Make the 'Couple on Beach' image the one at the front and go to IMAGE...Adjustments...Match Color.




The dialogue box below will appear.

Match Color Dialogue Box







In the 'Source' section of this dialogue box, use the drop-down and find the 'Sunset' image.  Play with the sliders until you're happy with the result.  It all depends on your images, but using the 'Fade' slider should make your result less 'loud'.







The result? (Roll over the image to see the 'before' and 'after').

Couple on beach

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