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Photoshop - Creating a Jigsaw effect-easily! (Part 2)

Play jigsaw action

Looking at the image to the left, single-click in the Actions palette so the 'Jigsaw - 20 pieces' action is highlighted and click the 'Play' button (circled in red).

You will see this box.  Click 'Continue'.

Play Landscape Action






Your cursor will become an 'egg timer', lots of weird 'marching ants' will appear and, if you look at your layers palette, 25 new layers will have been created!

Modify top left








Press 'Continue' and the action will carry on with its magic!

Top left piece layer style

The above image shows that the top-left piece of the jigsaw has had effects applied to it and the Layer Style dialog box has appeared.  The relevant section of this box - Bevel and Emboss - can be accessed by clicking on it in the left-hand side of this dialogue box.  Here, you can adjust the 'Depth', 'Size', 'Soften' etc. sliders until the appearance of the jigsaw piece in the top-left of the image is to your liking.

Now is the time to make sure that these settings are correct.  I'd suggest the following (providing you have used the suggested sizes):

Layer Style dialogue box

This final box simply tells you that jigsaws with more or less pieces are available if you buy the commercial Action.

Puzzle is ready

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