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3. Touch buttons

In this step, we will work on the touch buttons of the iPod. Again, create a new layer and take the Elliptical Marquee Tool and holding shift draw a small circle (size of touch button) and go to EDIT...Stroke and use the settings: Width: 1px; Color: #E6E6E1;

Now press Ctrl+J three times to make three copy of that layer. Using the right/left arrow key of your keyboard, position those circles like shown to the right. Use the font Webdings if you need Play/Pause/Forward/Backward shapes. 9 will give you the Backward symbol, 4; will give you the Play/Pause symbols, and : will give you the Forward symbol. Use your own creativity to make it look more realistic.

Remember - layers, layers and more layers.

4. Touch Wheel

This is the final step of this tutorial and in this step we will create touch wheel for the iPod. Take the Elliptical Marquee Tool, holding down Shift draw two circle one small and one big (one on each layer!). Then, go to EDIT...Stroke and use the settings: Width: 1px; Color: #E6E6E1; and you are done!

There are many other things you can do to finish the image off. The bluish tone I got for the screen was achieved by selecting the "Screen" layer and going to LAYER...New Adjustment Layer...Hue/ Saturation. Check to "Link with previous layer" and in the Hue & Saturation dialog box, check "Colorize" and adjust the Hue and Lightness sliders until you're happy.

iPod finished

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