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Photoshop - Fireplace

Another "fire" effect but with a totally different use. You may need a few attempts at this, but it's worth it! (See the result!) Start by getting a suitable image of a fireplace from Google Images or right-click and copy this one and paste it into a new Photoshop file. (Remember, copying an image from a source outside Photoshop will determine the size of the canvas when we go to FILE...New. By pasting the image into this new blank canvas this creates a new layer automatically).

1. With the Rectangular Marquee Tool Rectangular Marquee Tool carefully draw a selection within the fireplace - where the "fire" will eventually appear. Press Del to cut this section away from your image.

At this point, you will probably have two layers - the blank one where you first chose FILE...New and the one created when you pasted the image. You only need the one with the image, so discard the original layer or turn its visiblity off.

2. Now create a new layer by clicking on the New Layer icon at the bottom of the layers palette.

Fireplace - cut


3. On this new layer, and still with the Rectangular Marquee Tool selected, draw a selection slightly larger than the "cut" area in the main image - don't be pixel-perfect, you'll soon see that you don't have to be. It may help at this stage to turn off the visibility of the fireplace layer.

Fireplace - Marquee
4. Fill this new selection with black. Deselect and make a selection of around one-quarter of the main (black) image and fill with white. Deselect again and go to FILTER...Blur...Gaussian Blur. Depending on the size of your image (if you've used our version it's 500 px wide), set a blur of around 6 or 7 pixels. Fireplace Layer 1
5. Now turn the visibility of the Fireplace layer back on and drag the "blurred" layer below this layer. Your layers palette should look like the one to the immediate right, and your image so far like the one on the far right. Fireplace layers Fireplace with Layer 1

6. Duplicate the "blurred" layer three times by pressing Ctrl +J Turn off the visibility of all but one of the blurred layers.

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