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Photoshop - 'Film Roll' Tutorial

Following on the two tutorials about 'Polaroid' effects and 'Jigsaw' - both of which used superb Actions by PanosFX, we continue with this superb way to make any landscape-orientated image into one which appears as a 'film roll'

See the result!

Download the File

This is a FREE file!

Download Action (Photoshop Action)

Please note that this downloaded Action is more complex than the previous two and includes a .pdf document detailing all the possibilities available with this Action.  Read this first, or just have a go yourself and then have a read about how your efforts can be improved! (Download the .pdf before you get started?)

Now let's get this new Action into Photoshop.  How? Don't forget! Only download the Action into Photoshop - leave the .pdf instructions on your desktop to refer to later.

Make sure the Actions palette (Window - Actions) is visible.Film Strip Actions

Obviously, your Actions palette will appear differently to the one shown but look for BBfilmstripII and click the 'drop down arrow' to expand the selection.

Compared to the previously-named Actions, this one has a lot more content.  Don't worry!  There is the .pdf file and you will get dialogue boxes to guide you along the way!

Let's get started

Open Photoshop and get a landscape-orientated image in. We've used this one.

Right click the image and choose 'Copy' or 'Copy Image'.

Switch to Photoshop and go to FILE...New (or Ctrl + N) and a canvas will be automatically set to the size of the original image.  Click OK and a blank canvas appears in your workspace.

Go to EDIT...Paste (or Ctrl + V) and the image is pasted onto your canvas.  One final step and the hard work is done!  Let's resize the image. Go to IMAGE...Image Size and enter 500 in the 'Width' box. (Make sure the 'Constrain Proportions' box is checked).Film Strip Actions Play








So,with the newly-resized image on your screen, click the drop-down arrow to expand the action and single-click BBfilmstripII action to select it and, from the list of possibilities.  With this Action, we can create a film strip that is convex or concave, with or without text - even sepia!

To start, we're going to try the FILMSTRIPTEXT Convex - an effect that will soon become obvious. Press the 'Play' button (circled in red).





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