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What's New in Photoshop CS6? - Field Blur

The new Field Blur effect in Photoshop CS6 (FILTER...Blur...Field Blur) allows you to control the blurring in specific areas of an image while keeping other (more important) areas in sharp focus.


The original:

Coffe Girls-No Blur

Use as many 'pins' as you like, but be sure place a few pins with a Blur value of 0% in areas that you want to keep in focus and place other pins with a Blur value between 5% and 100% in areas that you want to blur.
You can change the Blur value of your pins by either dragging the white band around the pins or by directly entering a numeric value in the 'Field Blur' palette to the right of the 'Blur' screen. (The pins on the girls were all set to 0%)
Add Blur Points Pin
Blur Tools

The result:

After blurring