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Photoshop Tutorial - Export Photoshop files into IllustratorPhotoshop to Illustrator

When exporting a Photoshop file into Illustrator, you can preserve masks, blending modes, and transparency, and convert layers to separate Illustrator objects. When exporting an Illustrator file to Photoshop format, you can preserve layers, opacity masks, transparency (including blending modes), slices, image maps, compound shapes, and editable type.

Illustrator does not support some Photoshop features such as adjustment layers and layer effects. To maintain the effects in Illustrator, select Convert Photoshop Layers to Objects in the Photoshop Import dialog box, or flatten individual layers in Photoshop to embed the effects before importing the file into Illustrator.

In Photoshop, save your work as a .psd file.

  • In the Photoshop Import dialog box, choose a method to import Photoshop layers to Illustrator:
  • Select the Convert Photoshop Layers to Objects option to create a single layer in Illustrator containing objects that correspond to each Photoshop layer or clipping path (Illustrator only imports one clipping path per Photoshop file). If the Photoshop document contains layer sets, you can create corresponding sublayers. Any opacity masks that were applied to the Photoshop layers appear in the Transparency palette when you select the corresponding objects or sublayers.

When you use the Convert Photoshop Layers to Objects option, Illustrator uses an automatic selective merging (of layers) feature to maintain appearance. If you don't require access to layers and objects, you can choose the Flatten Photoshop Layers to a Single Image option instead.

  • Select the Flatten Photoshop Layers to a Single Image option to flatten all Photoshop layers into a single image, and place the image on Layer 1 in the Illustrator file. The converted file retains clipping paths but no individual objects. Transparency is retained as part of the main image, but is not editable.
  • If you want to import image maps or slices that are included in the Photoshop file, select Import Image Maps or Import Slices.
  • Click OK.

  • Photoshop Import Options
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