Photoshop - Burnt Paper Edges - 2

6. Now switch to the Burn Tool Burn Tooland with Shadows selected in the Range and an Exposure of 50%, choose a large, rough brush (we've used the 59 px "Spatter" brush from the standard default brushes), paint on the paper to give some variety.

7. Still with the Burn tool, change the Range to Highlights, an Exposure of 20% and exchange the brush for a 21 pixel soft edge brush, "paint" around the ragged edges of the paper, not forgetting around the holes.

The rollover to the right shows these last two stages.

Burnt paper

8. And you could leave it at that, but we've gone to FILTER...Brush Strokes...Accented Edges with these settings (no preview with this filter, so be prepared to press Ctrl + Z to go back a stage):

Edge Width: 2
Edge Brightness:22
Smoothness: 11





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Finished burnt
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