Photoshop - Audi logo 2

By now, the image to the right is something like you should have. If it's very different, start again paying particular attention to the settings in the Layer Styles.

At this stage you can clear the guides (VIEW...Clear Guides) and lose the Rulers (Ctrl +R).

Audi Layer Styles

6. Now duplicate the "ring" layer by dragging it down to the new layer icon icon at the bottom of the Layers palette.

Switch to the Move tool and, using the right keyboard arrow, nudge this copied ring over so it looks like the image to the right.

Audi - two rings

7. Make sure you're on the copy of the ring layer and Ctrl + click on the original ring layer to get the marching ants going round that first ring.

8. Now switch to the Rectangular Marquee Tool Rectangular marquee Toolmaking sure "Normal" is selected in the options bar and "Subtract from Selection" is picked in the Options bar:

Subtract from Selection

Audi - marching ants

9. Drag a selection over the area shown to the right (i.e. where the two rings overlap). Now hit Delete. At first, it will seem that not much has happened. Don't worry.

10. Duplicate this layer and use the right arrow key to move it over.

11. Repeat this step.

Audi overlapping rings
The finished item. We merged all four "ring" layers into one, duplicated this layer, squeezed it via EDIT...Distort...Scale, applied a Layer Mask and dragged a Foreground to Transparent gradient over it. Audi Finished
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