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As ever, we will show you an extremely creative method of making an item, and throw in a few tips which you may (or may not!) already know!
1. Create a new document 400 x 400 px. Make sure the rulers are visible (press Ctrl + R) and that they are set on pixels (double click either of the rulers to bring up the dialog box). Fill this layer with a nice, neutral color (Not gray. Don't worry about your choice - we can go back at the end to fill with anything we like).

2. Create a new layer. Drag in a vertical guide at 100 pixels and a horizontal one at 200 pixels. Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool Elliptical Marquee Tool, and in the Options bar, select "Fixed Size". Set this to 100 Wide and 100 high.

Now click somewhere near where the guides intersect and fill this circle with a neutral gray. (The color at this stage doesn't matter really.) Use the keyboard arrow keys to centralise this circle where the guides cross. Deselect.

3. Change the dimensions in the options bar to 80 Wide and 80 high and draw another circle on top of this first one. Centralise it over the original circle with the keyboard arrow keys. Press Delete and deselect.

Note: the image on the right is only part of the original 400 x 400 image (note the scroll bars) and is zoomed-in to show detail, i.e. the Rulers, Guides and where we are so far.

Audi logo - beginning

3. Now for a fairly difficult part. Take care with this, learn a few tips and we're nearly done! Go to LAYER...Layer Style...Blending Options or click on the Layer Styles iconicon at the bottom of the Layers palette. The box below will appear. Click on Gradient Overlay in the left-hand column and double-click on the part of this box that we've surrounded in red.

Audi - Gradient Overlay Fig. 1

4. The box to the right will appear:

Set the Color stops as follows:

Location 0% - RGB 128, 128, 128
20% - 255, 255, 255
50% - 255, 255, 255
75% - 111, 108, 111
90% - 175, 175, 175
97% - 255, 255, 255
100% - 175, 175, 175

Audi custom gradient
5. Now click on Bevel and Emboss in the left-hand column of the box in Fig. 1and enter the settings shown - paying particular ttention to the Depth of 1000%.

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