Photoshop "Andy Warhol" effect

This fabulous pop-art effect is easily achieved, and can be applied to any kind of object - even Campbell Soup tins!

1. Open up any image in Photoshop (or right-click this one and Copy Image) . If it's a color image, go to IMAGE...Adjustments...Desaturate.

black & White Monroe
2. Then go to IMAGE...Adjustments...Gradients Map. You will get the dialog box to the right. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the main image window and select the preset Spectrum gradient (usually at the bottom-left of the choices). Gradient Map


3. And, er, that's it! You could go to IMAGE...Adjustments...Hue/Saturation and with the "colorize" box unchecked, play with the Hue and Saturation sliders, reverse the gradient, try new gradients. Enjoy!


Warhol Monroe!
Warhol soup more soup yet more soup!
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