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Once the Animation palette is opened, you have to convert all the layers created in Photoshop to frames for animation. If your ‘Animation’ window is not showing in your workspace, go to WINDOWS...Animation to make it show on the workspace. Likewise, make sure the Layers palette is visible.
  • In the top right-hand corner of the animation window, you will see a small button with an arrow icon. Click the button and select Make frames from layers. See to the right for an illustration.
  • You will now see all the frames in the animation window. You can simply make the first two frames - The ‘Background’ and ‘Sphere’ invisible in the Layers palette by turning off their visibility (i.e. clicking the "eye" icon.)
  • Click the arrow button again, and click Select all frames

  • Now in your Layers palette, with all your frames selected, make the bottom two layers visible by clicking the ‘eye’ icon. This will allow the ‘Background’ and ‘Sphere' to show in each and every frame, as to the right.
  • Now all that is left to do, is for you to play the animation to see if all your frames are in the right order. If not, you can simply move them into the right order by dragging a frame to a new location. The best way is to press the "Play one frame at a time" button and keep a close eye on the thumbnails in the Animation palette. As you drag frame, a solid black line will appear between the frames in the Animation palette indicating where you can "drop" the frame.

You can use your own intuition to set the timing. In our example, we've used 0.1 sec. To do this, click on the arrow button in the top right of the Animation palette, select Select all frames and click on the drop-down arrow underneath any frame in the animation palette (by default it should show 0 sec. as in the illustration to the right. Select 0.1 sec. and this timing will be applied to every frame. Once you are done, press FILE...Save Optimized As. You will now save your file as an animated ‘.gif’

Hope it all went well! For more info about all the features in the Optimization palette click here (this is where you create an image in, say Photoshop and wish to make the most of it on a web page - quality, file size and therefore speed of download - as well as all those mysterious terms such as "lossy", "dither" etc.)

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