layers palette
The Layers Palette with the Sphere and Text layers linked

text on sphere
With us so far?

layer visibility turned off
Note the original text layer has it's visiblity turned off, and we've renamed the duplicated layer left?

Photoshop/Image Ready Rotating Text
  • This is a fairly advanced tutorial and we suggest that you initially follow all the measurements exactly.
    Open a new document in Photoshop, 500px x 500px
  • Fill this initial layer with Black.
  • Create a new layer and create a sphere (without the "shadow" layer) with the Elliptical Marquee Tool of 350 px (under "Fixed Size" in the Options bar).
  • Create a new (third) layer and, using Arial Black font, color white and 36 point, type in the word rotate.
  • This next step is important - we need to make sure that the text is exactly in the middle of the sphere. In the Layers Palette, make sure the "Sphere" layer is highlighted, and link it to the text layer. Then go to LAYER...Align Linked...Vertical Centres and then LAYER...Align Linked...Horizontal Centres
  • Unlink the layers!
  • Make sure you are on the Text layer and press Ctrl + J to duplicate the text layer
  • Now turn off the visiblity of the original text layer (the "eye" to the left of the palette), make sure your on the Text Copy layer and press Shift + Ctrl + left twice (left keyboard arrow). This will move the contents of this text copy layer 40 pixels in the specified direction 20 pixels for each press of the arrow key.
  • At this stage, I think it is important to rename the text copy layer left. This will help later on.

Now we need to repeat this sequence of events:

Press Ctrl + J (to duplicate the current layer)

Shift + Ctrl + press left twice

You will be left with around eleven layers, given the fixed size of the sphere, right up to "left copy 10".

We're just trying to nudge the text off the edge of the sphere

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