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Printing Guide

It could be that you will just be printing on your desktop printer for your own use. However you may be required to need a professional printer for volume work or for a special commission such as a booklet or brochure.

Here we are entering the world of mystical code-words such as "choking", "knockout" etc. We would always strongly recommend that you talk to your printer (the person, that is, not the box on your desktop) as they all vary, have different equipment etc. However there is a lot of work you can do to minimise costs and, if nothing else our guide will explain how some of these things work. One example of such a word is "stock" which normally means the material you intend to print on - paper, card etc. Is it of sufficient thickness (usually measured in gm2m - grams per square metre. The higher the number, the thicker the stock) and strength to withstand usage, will it stand up in a dispenser without "flopping over" in time?


CMYK & Separations


Black is Black?

General Printing Terms


Paper Weights & Sizes

Collect for Output

Working with Images

Working with Text

Dos and Don'ts

Exporting projects as PDFs