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Printing Dos and Don'ts  
As a final checklist before sending your work to a printer, consider the following:
Compression You can use WinZIP or StuffIT to compress your files, but never compress your images usingJPEG or LZW as the image may not print.
Corel Texture Fills A good printed result is by no means guaranteed. Coose "Convert to Bitmaps" from the Bitmap menu. Make sure you have chosen 300 dpi and CMYK and do not make the background transparent.
Duotone/RGB Images Always convert to CMYK or they will print in black and white or be washed out.
EPSs within EPSs Not a good idea. PostScript errors are at their greatest when this is done. Illustrator EPSs can also cause problems within QuarkXPress.
Hairlines The non-specified fine lines are very much dependent on the printing machine being used. Stick to 0.25pt
OLE Objects Whether in graphics or Windows applications, OLE objects don't print properly. Always convert OLE objects to bitmaps (as in "Corel Texture Fills, above).
Overprint Be careful with these settings in QuarkXPress. If you set objects to overprint, they may not 'knock out' the background and can look very different on-screen to in print. Black text is generally set to overprint as default, which is usually OK.
PostScript fills Erratic results, use something else.
QuarkXPress picture boxes If you don't fill a picture box with colour, TIFF images may print with a ragged edge. Fill with white rather than "none". Cut-out EPSs are OK.