These Photoshop tutorials are designed for all versions of Photoshop. If you haven't got the current version, we feel that the basic principles are very similar. Also the tutorials are designed for PC as 97% of the population use this platform. MAC users simply substitute Cmd for Ctrl.
  Tutorial Difficulty Description
Photoshop CS6 What's New in CC 2018?   Here we look at the new features in the latest version of Photoshop - CC 2018.
Photoshop CS4 What is Photoshop? A brief video to tell you a bit about Photoshop!
Photoshop CS4 Photoshop Workspace A brief video tutorial
Magic Wand Selection Techniques . A complete A-Z of the best ways to select objects in Photoshop!
Learn how to 'wrap' text etc. to the underlying layer
Perspective Warp Perspective Warp You'll like this one! Brand new to Photoshop CC (2014)
Type Tool Type Tool .. Learn some cute tricks with the Type Tool.
Adjustment Layers Adjustment Layers Add adjustments to your layers in a non-destructive way.
Curves Curves

Learn the basics of this adjustment tool.
3D Sphere 3D Sphere A simple way to achieve a "3D" sphere and shadow
Rotating Text Rotating Text A fabulous (if involved) tut which involves Animation. See the result
CMYK Convert CMYK to Pantone A really useful way to satisfy a printer who requires Pantone colours.
Easter Eggs Easter Eggs .... 'Easter Eggs' are a bit of whimsy - built into the Photoshop program but hidden, to all but the most savvy user! We'll show you how to unlock them...
Actions Actions ..... Creating, downloading and using Actions in Photoshop
Match Color Match Color ..... An under-used feature which allows you to totally transform images - easily!
kuler Adobe Kuler .... For CS4, this extension helps you create superb colour schemes.
Zoomify Zoomify What a fabulous tutorial! Use the little-known Zoomify command in Photoshop and create a stunning panorama for the web!
Flames (or Smoke) Flames (or smoke) Simply the best flames we've achieved to set your web pages on fire.
Jigsaw Jigsaw effect (1) Turn plain old images into a really cute jigsaw
Jigsaw Jigsaw effect(2) ..... The first of three fabulous plug-ins from PanosFX.  Try this - you'll love it!
Polaroid Polaroid Effect ..... From PanosFX, you can turn any image into one that looks like it's been shot by 25 individual Polaroid-type images.
Film Strip Film Strip ..... A third one from Panos, this superb Action creates a fabulous 'film strip' type image.
Lens flare Get to grips with this much-used (and maligned) filter.
3D Filter 3D Filter Explore the 3D filter in Photoshop
iPod iPod Some tasty techniques which will progress you on to interfaces etc.
Wax Seal Wax Seal A much-requested tutorial. Simple to achieve but very effective.
3D Can 3D Can New in CS4 and CS5 Extended versions, some great 3D capabilities.
Background Tutorial Background Here's a great 'backdrop' to finish your images with.
Advanced clouds Advanced Clouds Tired of the normal Clouds filter? Here's how to jazz it all up...
Metal checker plate Metal Checker Plate Quite complex tutorial involving the use of Channels, Lighting Effects, layer modes etc. but well worth the effort.
Photoshop to IIllustrator Export Photoshop to Illustrator Export your Photoshop file to Illustrator and preserving Layer Blending Modes, opacity masks, image maps etc.
Fireplace A roaring fire! A super-effective end result, as usual using some nifty tricks.
Animated GIF Animated GIF .. Create your Photoshop image, and animate it in ImageReady.
Pen Tool The Pen Tool A steep learning curve that will serve you well not only in Photoshop, but other programs as well.
Moving flag Fly the Flag! A knowledge of Animation is needed, but this tutorial will introduce displacement maps and much more.
Rope Rope Something to hang your flag from! Seriously useful effect for many images created in Photoshop.
Coffee Cup Practice the Pen Tool Here is a simple image that will allow you to practice your Pen Tool skills.
scan lines Scan Lines This popular, simple effect but as usual with a few hidden extras.
clipping paths Clipping Paths Manipulate the background out of an image, save as a TIFF file and continue your work in QuarkXPress...
Audi badge Audi Logo Metallic rings, how to interlock them, nifty reflection, or you could trade up to a....
Mercedes Benz badge Mercedes Badge A really simple way to draw this design icon and add layer styles.
wooden fence Timber Fence Fairly advanced features combine to give a most realistic effect - and there are additional features involved.
raindrops Raindrops Depending entirely on the background, these raindrops can enhance many images.
moving clouds Moving Clouds Take the Advanced Clouds tutorial and animate the clouds. This tutorial also covers setting up Actions.
collaging Collaging and Feathering So you've got this far with the "Moving Clouds", so let's collage them (i.e. put more than one image into a screensaver or image), and we'll introduce you to feathering.
T shirt and logo T-Shirt logo Wow! Take an image of a creased up T-shirt and add a logo that will follow the folds. This fairly advanced tutorial makes use of Channels, Levels and a whole lot more beside!
Save for Web Save For Web A step-by-step guide to optimizing images in Photoshop and making them appear great on your Web pages.
Rust Rusty texture This ever popular texture lets you run wild in Photoshop! Practice, make mistakes and see what you come up with!
weathered blade Advanced Metal Take a couple of hours to explore these advanced "weathering" effects on rusty, battle-scarred metal.
Selective Color Retention Selective Color Retention Learn how to isolate parts of an image, keep them colored and make the rest black and white.
Background Colors
Find your way around this invaluable feature in Photoshop
chrome text Chrome Text That old favorite! One of the better results with this one, using only Layer styles.
sepia effect Sepia Print Convert a color photo to black and white, make it look old by adding a sepia tint, and maybe feather it.
black & white Black & White And while we're at it we'll show you three ways to change a color image into a black and white one showing strengths and pitfalls.
Andy Warhol pop-art "Andy Warhol" Effect Replicate the world reknown Andy Warhol pop-art effect on photos - even a Campbell's Soup tin!
Burnt Paper Burnt Paper Edges ...and if you don't like the last tut, burn it!
Polished metal plate Polished Metal Plate Create a polished metal plate, cut holes in it, add rivets and etched text.
electric Wires Electric Wires Super-realistic wires for your interfaces etc.
lightning Lightning Easily-achieved "lightning" effect.
Sparking wires Sparking Wires Combine the last two tutorials to give this great effect. Advanced, with a good knowledge of ImageReady required.
Shiny plastic button Shiny Plastic Button One of the better button tutorials you'll see and some very useful middle-range skills included.
brushes Brushes A three-part stroll through Photoshop's Brush Engine, create new brushes etc etc.
smoke and mirrors Smoke and Mirrors Cookin' now! Two good effects in PS, smoke....and mirrors. Take a sports car and throw it all together.
neon text Neon Text An interesting twist or two on this old favorite.
water droplets Water Droplets Add this natural effect to many original images.
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