Illustrator Tutorial - Wrap Text around a Sphere or Globe
If you have followed our tutorial on how to create a 3D Globe or Sphere, one of the most popular ways to utilise this is to 'wrap' text around the sphere.

Create your globe (or sphere) as in the previously-mentioned tutorial.


Before we go any further, we'll create our text and convert it to a Symbol.  Somewhere away from our globe, select the Type Tool and type out some relevant text.  The actual size is not too important.

Make sure your Symbols palette is visible (WINDOW...Symbol), select your text and drag it onto the Symbols palette.  You will be invited to name this symbol.

Later into this tutorial, this will become important.

(Once you have successfully created your new symbol, you can delete the original - it's served its purpose).

Make your Fill = 'None' and your Stroke = any colour.  We've used blue, but it really doesn't matter.


Select your Ellipse Tool and, with Shift held down to draw a perfect circle, draw a circle larger than your original globe.  This will determine how far your text will 'float' above the globe.

Use your Selection Tool and your keyboard arrow keys to align the two shapes as closely as possible.

Using your Direct Selection Tool , click on the middle-left anchor point as shown to the right and press Delete.

You will now have just the right-hand side of your 'outer circle'.  Select it with your Selection Tool .

Now go to EFFECT...3D...Revolve.

Firstly, check the 'Preview' box.  Then change 'Surface' to Diffuse Shading.

Then click the Map Art button.

As ever, check the 'Preview' box.

The dialogue box below will appear.  Click the 'Symbol' drop down arrow and scroll down to find the new symbol you created.

This new symbol will appear in the 'graph' of the Map Art window.

Check the 'Invisble Geometry' box and, with your cursor drag the text within your graph until you are happy with its position. (Note: You should always make sure that you can see the original artwork alongside your 3D dialogue boxes).

Using the 'handles' that bound your text, you can resize or stretch your text until it is positioned correctly and is the right size.  Press OK.

Depending on the colour of your text or stroke, your 'floating text' may not be clearly visible.  If this is the case, check the 'Invisible Geometry' box.

To finish off, make sure the 'frame' of the image is selected (as below) and go to EFFECT...Stylize...Drop Shadow and, with 'Preview' checked, play around with shadow effects on the text.

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