Illustrator Tutorial - Random 3D Shapes
Now you're getting to grips with the 3D revolve tool in Illustrator, why not practice with some other, symmetrical shapes of your own?

Roll over the image to the right.  The first image has been 'distressed' in Photoshop, and the second image is the original Illustrator artwork.

Here we've got a standard oil barrel which we drew in much the same way as the Terracotta Pot or Chess Piece. The Stroke Colour is #2B793C to match the logo.

Copy and paste the logo below into Illustrator, make it into a Symbol and lay it onto your object using Map Art.

To get the recessed 'filler cap' on the top of the barrel, I exported the Illustrator artwork into Photoshop and, with the filler cap left on its own layer - just as I drew it in Illustrator with the Ellipse Tool - I applied a Bevel & Emboss layer style to that particular layer in Photoshop.

While I was in Photoshop, I created a new layer below the 'barrel' layer and drew a simple shadow.

Oil drum

This 'Traffic Cone' was drawn as usual and 'cut' using the Scissor Tool into three parts (Orange/Light Grey/Orange) exactly as in the Bottle Tutorial.

The grey base was a separate element - drawn using the Rounded Rectangle Tool and extruded by going to EFFECT...3D...Extrude & Bevel.  Play around with its position till it looks right.

Getting the idea?  The problem here was that the only logo I could find had a flat,white background. This would not have worked with the various grades of grey in the 3D image. I copied this logo into Photoshop, cropped around the logo/lettering, used the Magic Wand Tool to isolate the background and saved the result as a GIF (as this format preserves transparency).  I then imported this logo into Illustrator and made it into a Symbol.

To get the image as manipulated above, click here.

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