Illustrator Tutorial - Create a 3D Cog Wheel - Part 2  
Having created the basic shape of the cog wheel in Part One of this tutorial, we are now going to give it a 3D effect. In the Appearance Palette (WINDOW...Appearance) click on the fx icon as shown. In the list that appears, select 3D...Extrude & Bevel. Appearance Palette
Extrude & Bevel
The above dialog box will appear.  Firstly, check the 'Preview' box.  This will show your adjustments in real time. Next, using the drop-down arrow in the 'Extrude Depth' window, ease the depth (i.e. the thickness of the cog wheel) down to around 38 pt.  Finally, using the drop-down arrow in the 'Bevel' window, select 'Classic'.
Now we are going to add some lighting effects.  If these are not showing in the 3D Extrude & Bevels box above, click on the More Options button.
Ambient Light
Please note that the following are only suggestions - feel free to experiment with your own settings. Firstly, lower the Ambient Light down to zero.  This will make the shadow on the left-hand side of the cog a little dark.  We will add another light source:
Cog Lighting Effects
Click on the 'new' icon under the lighting preview box and drag this new light towards the bottom-left.  This will give some light in the previously too-dark shadows. Next, crank the 'Blend Steps' up to a maximum 251.  This will add detail and make the cog wheel more natural.
Cog Complete
Finally, don't forget the fantastic ability to 'pick up' your object in the Custom Rotation part of the 3D Options window.  Here you can spin and turn your object into any plane.
Finished cog So there we are!  What began as a simple collection of circles and a rounded rectangle has become this!  The beauty of vector art? On the image to the left, we've zoomed in 1000% to give the detail shown to the right. Zoomed-in cog
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