Illustrator Tutorial - 3D Tools
Just as with our terracotta pot, we'll start by selecting your Pen Tool Pen Tool and make the Fill Colour 'None' and the Stroke Colour a nice, slightly dirty white (I used #E6E7E8), and make the line thickness 1px.

Chess Colors

Note: When you want to draw/convert a piece to black, use Fill Colour 'None' and a Black Stroke.

Black Stroke

Draw just one half of what you'd imagine a chess piece would look like.  You can always right-click the image to the right, paste it into a new Illustrator document, resize it and create a new layer above it to use as a guide.


With the shape selected, go to Effect...3D...Revolve. Apply the settings you see in the image below. Also, add another highlight by clicking the New Light button.

Chess Piece Outline
Chess Piece Revolve Options
Next, with the chess piece selected, go to EFFECT...Stylize...Drop Shadow and apply the settings as below (Make sure 'Preview' is ticked):
Why not enhance your skills by having a go at some other random, symmetrical objects?
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