Illustrator Tutorial - 3D Globe
If you have Illustator CS5 or later, it is easy to create a 'globe'.  Begin this tutorial by downloading the 'map' that will form the surface of our globe:
World Map download
3D Globe
In Illustrator, open this file (FILE...Open). With your Selection Tool Selection Tool drag across and down the entire 'world'
image to select it and, with your Symbols palette visible (WINDOW...Symbols), drag your map onto this palette.
                           Make New Symbol
                     New Symbol

Your new symbol will appear in the Symbols palette (highlighted in red) and you will be asked to name your symbol.

(Although we are only using one new symbol - it is good practice to name symbols as you create them).

Once you have created your new symbol and it appears in your Symbols palette, you can delete the original and, in this exercise, hide your Symbols palette.

                  Blue globe

Now, with a blank canvas, use your Ellipse Tool Ellipse Tool with Shift pressed down and draw a perfect circle
(No stroke, medium blue fill).

Switch to your Direct Selection Tool Direct Selection Tooland click on the centre-left point of your circle.

                                         Blue Globe 2 Press your Del (Delete) key and the left-hand side of your circle will be cut away.
With your Selection Tool Selection Tool, selet the half-circle and go to EFFECT...3D...Revolve.  As always, make sure 'Preview' is checked,
make sure 'Left Edge' is picked and the 'Surface' is Diffuse Shading.  Then click on the Map Art button.
3D Options
Map Art


Ensure 'Preview' is checked.  Unlike other tutorials about Illustrator's 3D  tools,
in this one we only have one 'surface'.  Use the drop-down arrow in the Symbols
window and scroll down to the Sybol you created earlier.

Also check 'Shade Artwork'.

Globe Wireframe

As you work in the Map Art box, you will see a preview of the result on your globe.  If necessary, use your cursor in the main window of the Map Art box to drag the symbol to a suitable position.

When you're pleased with the result, press OK.

Globe £D Options

You will be returned to the 3D Revolve Options dialogue box.

By dragging the cube in the large circular window you will see your actual globe tilting to a position you are happy with.

If you want to add lighting effects, press the 'More Options' button.

Press OK.

As ever when working with Illustrator's 3D tools, if you want to go back to the 3D Options to adjust your result, select the item and, in the Appearance palette (WINDOW...Appearance), click on 3D Revolve (Mapped) and the 3D dialogue box will  reappear. Appearance palette

         Finished Globe                               Moon 

Mars Or you could draw the Moon by copying this image, pasting it into Illustrator and making it into a symbol. Or how about Mars?
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