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From version CS3 of Dreamweaver, one of the most dramatic enhancements to the program is the Spry framework, a new set of tools that you can use to create drop-down menus, collapsible panels, and other advanced features. There are so many Spry features, Adobe added a new Insert Bar to the top of the work area to provide easy access to all of the Spry options. Spry is a WYSIWYG way to add AJAX to a web page. They automatically provide you with HTML, CSS and JavaScripts to perform certain interactive functions. Every time you use Spry, a folder is automatically added to your site called Spry Assets which contains all the coding needed for your Spry element to work.

Inserting Spry

Ideally you should have an existing site which has been defined within Dreamweaver, and is connected to a server. (I normally have a 'test' site where I try out CSS and other advanced techniques.  This avoids corrupting an existing site).

Make sure the Insert panel is visible above the main work area (WINDOW...Insert) and click on the Spry tab:

This menu bar offers options such as Data Sets, seven additions to forms such as entry validation, password validation etc.  The final five icons allow you to add more interactive elements to your web page:

Menu Bars



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